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I was born into an animal loving family.  We always had cats and dogs. I loved training our pets and faithfully took the family dog to weekly training classes as a pre-teen.

Horses came into the picture when I was about 8 years old.  My sister and I pestered our parents for riding lessons. During one lesson, my horse took off and I fell off. While I was fearful of a similar incident in future lessons, I continued.

In 2015, I was introduced to the world of Equitation Science and horse behaviour.  I attended as many education opportunities as possible and have been mentored by some of the top experts in horse behaviour and training - Justine Harrison, Sharon Madore, Peggy Hogan, Shawna Karrasch, and Dr. Susan Friedman.

Riding and being around horses is dangerous. The unpredictable nature of a prey animal cause more injury and mortality than riding a motorcycle  My goal is to improve human safety by helping people understand their horses and help their horses to overcome behavioural challenges using practical, science based methods - counter conditioning, systematic desensitization, functional behaviour analysis, and positive reinforcement training.

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Certificate in Equine Welfare and Equine Science, University of Guelph
Certified Dog Trainer, Animal Behavior College
Disaster Animal Relief Training

Master of Science in Exercise & Sport Science
Bachelor of Science, Honours (food and nutrition)
Bachelor of Science (biology)


Equine mentorship with Justine Harrison
Advanced Equine Training Workshop, Ocala, Florida
Shaping and Start buttons courses with Peggy Hogan
Connection Training (equine)
Animal Behavior Consulting: Principles & Practice (IAABC)

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