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Horse behaviour problems are complex, often multi-factorial, and can manifest in a variety of ways.

Equine behaviour problems like bucking, rearing, separation anxiety, handling, or aggression manifest in horse's lives and can be a daily struggle.  In such situations, your horse is struggling too. They are not acting out, being bad, or getting back at the handler. Dealing with the horse's behavioural problems can be frustrating and overwhelming.

You don't have to do it alone.

Learn effective strategies to address these issues and support your horse's well-being.

Our behaviour consultants specialize in resolving undesirable behaviours which are usually rooted in fear or anxiety.  By identifying the underlying problem and adjusting emotional responses, we enhance your horse's experience allowing you to relish your time together.

Wondering if you need an equine behaviourist?

Look for signs such as aggression, anxiety, or worrying behaviour, especially after a veterinarian has ruled out medical causes.  Fear and aggression rank among the most common reasons to seek assistance from a qualified animal behavior consultant. Fear and aggression are the two most common reasons for seeing a behavior consultant, as highlighted by the IAABC Website​

Explore our website to discover more about our expertise or contact us to schedule a consultation. 

Stressed, frustrated, feel like giving up?

Having assisted thousands of individuals in resolving behaviour issues in their animals, I understand the challenges associated with such behaviours.  Addressing these issues promptly is crucial as delaying intervention can exacerbate the problem. 


With the abundance of conflicting and outdated information available, finding the right solution might seem overwhelming.  You're seeking help, and I'm here to guide you through it effectively from the start.  Don't let the behaviour worsen over time.  Take the right step now.   Book a consultation to initiate the process and ensure you're animal's well-being.  

Why work with me

Navigating the training industry can be a daunting and bewildering task.  Whom can you truly rely on? I understand your predicament - I've faced it myself.  If you're feeling overwhelmed with the myriad of advice, I'm here to offer clarity and direction.  







- Needle phobias

- Head shyness


Issues with trimmer/farrier, veterinarian, body worker


Trailer loading


Aggression towards people or other horses


Hard to catch


Separation anxiety


Pulls back when tied


Afraid of noises or objects


Shames or blames you


Recommend tools to suppress behaviour


Offers quick fixes


Gives complicated exercises

The Trainer

Holly, a certified equine behaviour consultant, is dedicated to improving equine welfare and safety. Her passion lies in helping people create a positive relationship with their horses using scientifically proven methods. Holly's expertise allows her to unravel the reasons behind unwanted behaviours in horses and recommend treatment strategies rooted in reward-based techniques and incorporates LIMA principles.

Located in Fredericton NB, Heartz Behaviour and Training offers both in-person or virtual consultations.  Pictured is Holly with 2 of her 3 horses, Gigi and Rooster.

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